Why finding your perfect photographer is so important…

if you find a photographer that you love stick with them. I can’t speak for all photographers out there but I love having returning clients. Seeing familiar faces at my shoots, and familiar names on my calendar makes me so happy! Here are some reasons why I thinking sticking with your photographer is important.

  • You will be more comfortable in front of the camera with someone you know. Your kids and even you as an adult will be more comfortable during our photoshoot if you know me. Eventually I get to know you and your family, and to me in my eyes we become friends. I get to watch your family grow and same with mine. I have clients that have been with me before I was married and now that my son Grayden has arrived in November of 2022! I think it’s so special when you get to grow with your clients.
  • You will know what to expect during our session together. As someone with anxiety I like to know what to expect when I go into certain situations, the unknown makes me nervous. I run most of my sessions the exact same way. I use the same prompts and poses for the most part, I add new ones to the mix though don’t worry! You also know how long it takes to get your pictures back, and how I edit!
  • I have a certain editing style so if you do multiple photoshoots with me all of your photos will look consistent. Unless you ask for a different editing style(which I will consider). All of my black and white photos will look consistent, my regular editing will all look consistent within the seasons and location!
  • Like I said earlier I love having returning clients. I feel like conversations flow well throughout our session, and we get to catch up a bit.