Senior Posing

Sometimes posing one person can be harder than posing a whole family. I like to use movement in my sessions so I tend to use a lot of prompts rather than posing. Although sometimes with senior pictures you need some regular poses. Below are some of my favorite poses rather than prompts!

Pose 1

Leaning against something

I like to have my seniors lean against something and look directly at the camera. I do some variations of serious face looking at the camera, and then smiling at the camera, looking away with a serious face, and then looking away smiling. If your senior is easy going and has lightened up to the idea of getting their picture taken then you can try and make them laugh or get them to fake laugh. Most of the time fake laughs turn into real laughs because you always feel so silly doing a fake laugh!

Pose 2

Sitting in the middle of the road

I absolutely love doing road shots. It always gives so much definition, especially if you have a really cool winding road. Ooo, or some really pretty fall colors on the trees lining the road! Same with pose one, you can do many variations with this one!

Pose 3

Hand in the hair/ grab a hat

Hats are really in with seniors recently. I tried this pose out for the first time during this session and I think it turned our super cute. If your senior isn't about hats they can just rest their hands on their head or play with their hair!

Pose 4

Look over your shoulder

This pose is so flattering! you can do so many variations to this pose with different facial expressions or where you have their eyes looking. This one turned out to be this seniors favorite picture of the session. Just a quick side note you can turn this into a prompt by having them start by looking away from the camera and then throwing their hair over their shoulder and look at the camera. It creates some movement within the hair!

Pose 5

Sitting on a prop

Peacock Chairs!!! I love my peacock chair. I found this chair on Facebook marketplace for $20 what a steal! I love bringing some props to sessions it helps break up the posing a bit. I love bringing a chair or blanket for seniors to pose with/sit on. Like the cover photo of this post I had a blanket with some pillows!

Good luck posing at your next session!

I hope this helps with your next senior/portrait session! Posing and prompting can be so hard sometimes so it helps to have some inspiration from others. Plus everyone thinks so differently that maybe someone can help you think of something you never have before. Its always nice to learn new poses and prompts to create some variation in your senior and portrait sessions!